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Our corporate philosophy is set by applying all our resources into understanding the actuarial market. By using set recruiters, dedicated software, and decades of information on today’s actuaries – we stay on top of the strongest candidates in market.

We recruit from all levels and areas of the actuarial market. We assess and evaluate all of our talent so they meet a specific criterion that fits your values. 

For employers seeking new talent - please send us your position and details to ROLE@baystreetplacements.com 

For those seeking new employment - we can offer you roles that match your interests

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Our Goal


  • We deliver the best qualified candidates to you through our extensive assessments so you can narrow which candidates fit your roles. 
  • With decades of experience - we continue to adopt, create and understand new procedures in our recruitment strategies.
  • Our drive to find you the right candidate is based on results (contingency based search).

Talent Pool


  • We show your role to all suitable candidates (scout and connect directly). 
  • We provide assistance to candidates at all stages of the process. Interview preparation, career-counselling, relocation, and further details about your role.
  • We dedicate all our resources and services to filling your open role.
  • Tech-Savy - by staying on top of the latest trends in recruitment, we have integrated our web-based operating system to reach more users and employers..  



Satisfaction to our clients is always our priority - over 30 years of experience, please take a look at what our clients had to say about us:

" ..... Bay Street Placements is the only recruitment vendor I use to handle my hiring. Fast, Reliable and Successful."

-SVP of a Major Insurance Company

"I hired BSP to fill a couple of my actuarial roles, in less than a COUPLE OF HOURS - they were able to bring me top choice candidates. They were able to advise me at all stages and fill my positions in 2 months. Whenever I need to fill a role (either senior or entry-level) - I always go back to them"

- Former Chief Actuary of an Insurance Company (USA)

" ...... Under Sam Dixon's guidance, his team keeps me up-to-date of the actuarial market in a timely manner and is always successful in bringing me the best candidates available."

-Senior HR Advisor for a Major Reinsurance Company (Canada)  

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